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Dr. Siloni Verma


For the noble cause of education, the Haryana Govt. started a Govt. College of Education (Affiliated to Gurugram University, Gurugram) at V.P.O. Nagina, Nuh, (Haryana). The College is situated in peaceful and environment friendly surroundings. It gives me immense satisfaction that our Institution is able to contribute to society by producing future leaders who are given sound professionals training, besides enlightened by inculcating moral values in them. I congratulate you for joining our Institution. I hope this will help you in developing over all traits in you and when you leave this college after completing the course, you are an exemplary teacher/lawyer and a Model for the society. The success of our Institute certainly belongs to those who have worked for the beloved institutes certainly belongs to those who have worked for the beloved institutes untiringly, singly as well as jointly and have walked together, remained together, worked together and have believed in themselves, their strength and stamina for the betterment of the performance of the institutions. Really, struggle never goes waste, our performance has proved this time old proverb right again. Adversity certainty elicit talents that often become dormant in prospectus times. Genius is the gold in the mine and talent is the miner that works and brings it out. We are all a minefield of talents. It is only those, who dig deep and go far that are rewarded. All others fell by roadside. The Mushroom growth of colleges in Private Sector could make one sink in the quick sand. Choice before us was simple. Shape up or ship out. Either stand up and be counted or lie down and be counted out. We chose the first option. And our mission for success has given us a new lifeline. But our struggle for improvement of education of modern relevance is an honest endeavor and a continuous process. Our Struggle wilt not end here-rather it is the beginning, to be one of the best and strong group in the country in the coming years, Destination is not only clear, but also visible. It is said," Hardworking, scrupulous and sincere ants have a very inspiring perspective of life. There is a lot to learn from these tiny remarkable teachers in nature. An ant can carry 50 times its own body weight and pull 30 times its weight. Drawing inspiration from this amazing fact, we can surely aspire to counter challenges for greater than what we think we can handle. But putting our hearts into what we do and leveraging all our strengths, we can amplify our energy levels dramatically. To deliver the optimal. To achieve the maximum . And to aim the highest." Certainly, to be an achiever, you have to be a believer first. Ants work, none to supervise, none to direct or co-ordinate, yet they work in unison. They are self starters, they are not strong and powerful. But they make up for their diminutive structure by sheer hard work, dedication, discipline and preservance. We too should make up our deficiencies, if any, by becoming more firm, focused, task oriented, dedicated, organized, disciplined, committed and co-ordinated .Dedicating the Institutions to our great country, I bow myself before "GOD" for his blessings on all of us now and for all times to come. It is hoped that with an inbuilt Momentum, our institutions will continue to march onward to a better tomorrow in the service of the Nation. God Bless you all and be with you today and always.